LED House Address Sign 6 Inch



6 Inch Height House Address Sign for Fascia Board on a Porch
Material: 1/4 Inch thick Acrylite Acrylic Plastic – No Maintenance Required.
Color: Black Gloss or Gloss White
For up to 94 inches of machining – 
$10.00 per letter and/or number. 

Email if your sign needs to be an exact size and you require a custom design proof.Note: If your address has a lowercase q y p g j z this size 6 inch cannot be machined as the sign lettering will be too small. *please call our shop for any cursive script home address sign

Please view our self adhesive address sign product line.The average width size of a fascia board is 7.5 Inch. A 6 Inch high sign will provide close on 1 inch spacing on the top and bottom. Please confirm the width of your fascia board before placing an order. We can easily increase or reduce the height if needed.As most fascia boards are made of wood we provide 2 mounting templates for you to re-install the sign when you decide to repaint the fascia board.

Clear acrylic spacers are mounted on the back of the sign to give a ” floating off the wall look”.

Note: The 6 Inch height of the sign would be from the top of the number to the bottom of the lowercase letters.

  • The average length of an 6 Inch address sign is 40-88 Inches.
  • Please measure/count the number of bricks from left to right to determine if the height and length are suitable for your house.
  • We machine Drive as Dr, Crescent as Cr, Court as Ct, and Road as Rd. Complete words can be provided upon request at an additional cost.
  • Some letters will have more than 2 mounting studs.
  • The most popular color is Black Gloss. We do not provide any other colors, however the plastic can be easily spray painted any color with a good quality plastic spray paint such as Tremclad or Rust-Oleum. Silver, gold copper are popular colors.


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